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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nine out of Ten is NOT TOO BAD!

I got a question today from someone wondering how reliable my source is that is telling about minor league cuts from Florida. Baseball America reported ten cuts today and my source had given me nine of them during the week. NOT TOO SHABBY!

A recap:

Sean Barksdale, OF
Craig Corrado, IF
Michael Diaz, IF
Casey Hudspeth, RHP
Spencer Hylander, LHP
Antonio Noguera, LHP
Ben Paxton, P
Jordan Powell, RHP
Kirkland Rivers, LHP
Gabe Suarez, IF (This one was new to Farmstros)

In addition the same source has informed that Chris Jackson, IF and Reinaldo Pestana, C have been released from the organization.

I will be passing some tentative roster information tomorrow.

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drmmr06 said...

I don't know much about some of these guys but Craig Corrado didn't come as much of a surprise. Hudspeth seemed like a lost cause. Spencer Hylander pitched well last year. Jordan Powell was a little old for his level, but he pitched well given he was in Lancaster.