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Monday, January 23, 2012

No Dinner for Farmstros

NOTE: Shortly, after posting this, I received a comment from Brandon that changed my day. Please read it. My heart goes out to Brandon.

Back in early December, I put out a request for support to send Farmstros to the Houston Baseball Dinner. I was very excited when the $100 was pledged(this included $25 from the Farmstros coffers) and I started the process of purchasing a ticket to the event.

However, the biggest pledger, Brandon in New Braunfels, has disappeared and his money has never materialized. I appreciate the support of the Tri-City Valley Cats and one other anonymous donor who came through with their committment. However, Brandon's disappearance and to smaller extent a less than customer-friendly experience with the dinner's Ticket Chairman have convinced me to abandon my attempt to attend the event.


Puma28 said...


I apologize for not gettIng back with you sooner. My mother passed away and, as a result of this, new information about my family came to light. I have spent the past month recovering from many issues. I tell you this not to make excuses, but to inform you as to why I was silent. I still wish to make a pledge, but if it is too late for the dinner then a donation. I would like to contribute the original amount plus, as a show of good faith, the amount Farmstros contributed. That should be $75.00. All I need is an address so I can send the check. You have my email and I again apologize for any confusion this has caused.

Brandon in New Braunfels

farmstros said...


just saw this post. what an end to the day. Thanks for posting. I sent you a separate email.

farmstros said...

Puma28, did you get my email?